Frequently Asked Questions

What types of weights can be added to my Hero Plate Carrier?

You can add any flat plates that will fit comfortably in the plate compartments. Companies do make plates that fit comfortably in plate carriers like ours, but simple iron change plates (typically 10, 5 or 2.5 pounds each) work just fine. Simply loop the straps inside the hole in the middle of the plate (typically where the barbell would go) and attach the straps via the velcro patch inside the plate compartment.

What movements can I do with the Hero Plate Carrier?

If you have sized the four adjustable parts of the vest appropriately, you should be able to do most any movement with the plate carrier. You should be able to jump, run, pull-up, burpee, and lift, just to name a few. If you are doing these movements and you find that the vest is moving around excessively, reach out to our customer service and we can help you size the plate carrier.

Can I use the Hero Plate Carrier as body armor in combat?

No, please do not try this. This is not the intended use of the plate carrier.

What is your return policy?

The Backbone Supply Co. return policy applies to all products, both apparel, plate carriers and other items. Products may be returned for full refund within 30 days of purchase with receipt (for point of sale purchases). 

Products can only be returned if they have not been used. 

Products sold by Backbone Supply Co. are warranted from manufacturing defect and workmanship for the length of ownership by the original purchaser.

Products are excluded from warranty if they have normal or extended wear, if the product has been misused by the owner, and if the product has been modified.

Returns and warranty diagnoses will be evaluated on a product-by-product case. Discretion for warranty and return evaluations will be determined by Backbone Supply Co. at their full discretion.

Does Backbone sponsor or participate as a vendor at events?

We would love the opportunity to chat about this. Please shoot us an e-mail at

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